Monday, February 21, 2011

Shoot 'Em Up

I mean it, I will not be having any zombification nonsense going on. If that unfortunate event does occur (and I go something like this -->)

I'd appreciate it if some kind soul will remember to:

I miss this game, miss it's pre-not-zombie days. As much as I adore Resident Evil 4 (and oh how I adore it) it just did not have the same heart-pounding survival horror quality as the previous ones. I mean, to this day the memory of the Gamecube controller vibrating as Nemesis chased me across Raccoon City is one of the most terrifying videogame experiences I've ever head (as well as the dogs bursting through the window-ed corridor in the first Resident Evil, and the zombies bursting through the boarded up wall in the second). The sheer number of the not-zombies is scary, yes, but more of in an "oh shit, oh shit!" way than a "I think I just had a heart attack" one.

Oh well, wot can you do about it eh?