Instruction Manual

Dear Lovely Potential Readers, 
          Though I'm not very adept at blogging, I've decided to start one anyway because...well why not? Prophecies have foretold that that this blog will, most likely, be filled with anything that pops into my mind including, but not limited to: vampires, zombies, Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, magic, Supernatural, dreams, food, poetry, short bursts of Artistic inspiration, Torchwood, books, life, football and Community. 
          I'm Yazya, it's a nickname, though I've been known to go by any variation of my actual name (including some outliers) which is long, Arabic and means 'deer,' is often mispronounced and will probably never be written in full. I'll be your humble and most honoured blogger on this journey through the occasionally sparkling recesses of my mind. I invite to come read, share, yearn, obsess and nostalg (new word) over the timeless and the fleeting. 

Hope you have a pleasant trip, 

Your non-resident ambassador to the Supernatural Community and zombie assassin for hire.

P.S. If anyone would like to submit anything (picture, a link, gif, video, etc.) that you think is amusing/would like to share then just let me know through the comments section below and (pending subject approval) I shall post it and pay tribute to you. Then everyone can have happy fun times.


  1. Ooooh, since you like Harry Potter, I have here the ULTIMATE video for all seven books(/eight movies)! Here ya go:

  2. I thought that manuals get thrown into super novas...

  3. Probably the best thing Tom Felton has done/will ever do.

    Love the blog by the way :D

  4. You've probably already seen this, but in case you haven't:

    Right at 2:00 is my personal favorite :)

    1. I have! But it's been so long, so thank you for bringing it back to my attention.