Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Because cracks and statues weren't enough...

Doctor Who has also got us counting the number of knocks at our door (thank God for doorbells, am I right?).

I just love meme generators. They're so much fun to make.

I wanted to make a meme incorporating a picture from this scene. But then I realized it wouldn't be entertaining, just highly depressing. I just remember screaming out "NO!" to the television when he turned and saw grandpa there, and, naturally, the tears automatically sprang from my eyes. I still wish it was someone sinister that caused his death, the President or some Dalek or....anyone. But I know that that wouldn't have been as poignant of a scene if it was an enemy...I think the whole point is that the end can come from the most unlikely sources. And now we have no one to blame...not really. Grandpa was just trying to save that man who was stuck in there, can we really fault him for unwittingly causing the end of Ten's run?