Monday, March 28, 2011

Limericks Galore

I spent an hour or so today (that I should have been using doing something productive) writing limericks about me and my sister and cousin and lovelies. I ended up having to use nicknames to make the point get across, and some of them were stretches as far as rhyming goes, but hey...artistic liberty and all that. *shifty eyes*
          It started off with me just writing one about myself out of boredom, but then my sister (who I had texted it to originally) told me to write one about my cousin, and then about her, and by that point I figured I could think up of two more because it wasn't like I was doing anything anyway (it was 5:30, the office was empty save me and the senior managing editor and some people from the production department, can anyone really blame me?).

Without further ado, I present to you my Irish masterpieces:

I. There once was a girl named Zooz
Who's productivity was just a ruse
She'd go to class
And sit on her ass
If she fails, she'll have no excuse

II. There once was a girl named Jo
Who happened to be quite slow
When she heard a joke
Her beard she'd stroke
But away the punchline would go

III. There once was a girl named Supreme
Who was so stressed out, she could scream
So she said "fuck that"
Found a Brit named Matt
And lived out a NY-based dream

IV. There once was a boy named Robbie
Who had a peculiar hobby
He liked to pick fights
On random nights
And his book tastes are rather snobby

V. There once was a girl named Moon
Who's emotions were like a monsoon
She could never hide
How she felt inside
It was etched on her face like a rune

          I really need to get my priorities straight.