Friday, March 4, 2011

Misha Love

Okay, so other than the fact that he’s attractive, I’d like to think that I love Misha Collins because he’s a good actor and he seems to have a good sense of humour.

For example, according to his Twitter (and this wonderful picture that accompanies it) he lost a game of Words with Friends to Jared Padalecki and owed him $1970….which he paid in coins. 

As a retaliation, Jared did this:
It says "Please accept this donation on my behalf and make sure it finds its way to 'Random Acts.' It should be around 660 CAD. P.S. I would appreciate a tax receipt."

It's nice that they have that kinda of relationship where they can just screw with each other. It's slightly sad to hear stories about costars that just detest each other, when on screen they're buddies. I mean, it doesn't affect my life or anything, but I'm all about friendship and love and fiction, if only slightly, mimicking reality.

Naive, je sais, mais je ne peux pas l'arreter. It's just the way I am.