Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pitying the Fools

I realized, after getting a department wide email regarding a group April Fool's light hearted shenanigan idea, that I'm tensely anticipating pranks from family and friends alike that will be of varying degrees of believability and possible not-coolness. The thing is, it's not like my family/friends pull a prank every year or anything, it's just that the possibility of them doing it always looms over my head this time of year, and the fact that we all live on three different continents means that the prank can be pulled without me even expecting it. It's my general rule to just be completely suspicious of everything everyone tells me from around midnight UAE time on April 1st (furthest family-located timezone) to 12AM April 2nd, EST. If it offends/hurts anyone when they tell me the truth and I automatically assume they're lying, then I hope my explanation the next day will be satisfactory...because I live with actors, which means they can pretend to be hurt really really well, and I refuse to be the one that second-guesses my intuition just so they can have a few laughs of "HAHA got you!"
Pride? Wot pride?
I've considered pulling a prank of my own...but that requires thought and the desire to stick with wotever I come up with like it's my job and I haven't decided if it's worth it yet or not. I'll let you know though.

P.S. Speaking of being fooled, to this day I'm waiting on the big press revalation that Rebbeca Black's Friday is just a huge, elaborate, April Fool's joke.