Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Voldemort out!

I've been hearing about A Very Potter Musical for the past sixth months, but it wasn't until very very recently that I actually took the time to watch it, and I'm compltely in love. Darren Criss, obviously, is fantastic. But the girl who plays Malfoy and whoever plays Voldemort, in my opinion, completely stole the show. Malfoy's movements and stage presence were absolutely hilarious, and Voldemort's personality/screechy voice/moral dilemmas were so engaging, they were fantastic (as if I don't use that word enough).
          The only thing I did not really like was how you could barely hear the singing due to the loud instruments/something about the recording. Otherwise, I applaud the whole cast/creators of the idea, because it was so fresh and fun and well-made (despite the probably low budget) and just good. As an enormous fan of all things Harry Potter (disregarding some choices by the film makers *cough*lackofpeeves/LupinnottellingHarryabouttheMarauders*cough*) this was such a pleasant addition to my mental lexicon dedicated to the Potterverse.

All right, now I've got to watch A Very Potter Sequel.