Sunday, April 3, 2011

And, we're back

I'm trying to figure out how I find myself in situations like these: two days away from when a big paper is due, with the reading still not done and barely a clue as to wot I'm going to write about. I feel like, if I'm speaking honestly, even with the week of Spring Break which, logically, I wouldn't have done anything in anyway, I had sufficient enough time to not only finish the damn readings (even the superfluous, rather unhelpful ones) but to go through several drafts of an essay that, by tonight, would have been so fantastic you would have thought I used a polishing stone to finish it up.
          Instead, I'm sitting here rambling about how I'm not doing work, while alternately having a conversation in French with my little brother's friend over a facebook status. Alright my lovelies, Ima get my shit done. By the time I'm back to add absolutely nothing important to the world wide web, I will have, at the very least, finished all my readings (if not also typed up quotes in outline form).

Wish me luck.