Thursday, April 7, 2011

Babies and knitting and space, oh my!

I'm an aunt!
          My brother's wife gave birth to my (clearly) first nephew two days ago. I didn't think that just knowing the baby existed would cause me to have an emotional upheaval, but I almost started sobbing when my brother texted me telling me the baby's name/that he had come into this world. It's funny how, despite being sufficiently awed by the majesty and expanse of the universe (something that me and my mates had been discussing the previous night, actually…how awe inspiring and mind boggling even the mere thoughts of space and time and existence are, which is probably why I love shows like Doctor Who so much, because they explore the seemingly infinite boundaries of the galaxy, and beyond), something as small and fragile as a baby can still take your breath away.
          Or, you know, make you dance like a fool.
          I can't wait to actually meet him this summer(being a last semester senior in college and having an ocean, a continent, a sea (or is it gulf? Geography was never my strong suit) and a country between you and your newborn nephew kind of makes it hard to do the whole face to face introduction thing). I've decided to pick up knitting again (I stopped at two full (and rather awesome) scarves, and half a small blanket) and finish the aforementioned blanket so that I can give the baby something that will be soft and cuddly and made by hand, with love, for him. I know that after one wash, the threads will lose it's unbelievable softness, but still. It's the thought/initial touch that counts.

/shifty eyes