Thursday, April 28, 2011

Must not ignore homework

(she says as she uselessly updates her blog).
          But no, don't worry, I'll get right onto that pesky little psych lab report I have to get done (all about torture, which is fun). But first I have to not do it to make myself feel better about having to do it. Trust me, it makes sense. I mean, I already have a general idea of how it'll end up, and technically I've written a general outline of the introduction and discussion section. It's the actual write up that's getting me down right now. So I need to be entertained, and since I love sharing the things that entertain me with strangers, I'll attempt to entertain you too! Fun for all.

          The thing I love the most about this scene is the look of utter confidence and smugness that Eleven has as he whips the psychic paper out.

          This movie was absolutely amazing. It combined dragons with Gerard Butler, wot more could a girl want?

Source: goth-detectives.tumblr,com
          This is my last picture reposting on this particular post, promise. Just going to go ahead and say how I think exactly the same way (I feel like I should be worried), as well as "Why not?" whenever someone asks me why I would do something. I can't help it, the childish instinct to be contrary always fights its way to the forefront of my reason and judgement and obscures them both by being loud and obnoxious. The only way to make it quiet down is to pay attention to it.