Saturday, April 16, 2011

Something of the wolf

I'm obsessed with the idea of Rose being the Bad Wolf. I know that was years and years ago, and we're all pretty much over it, etc. etc., but that doesn't stop me from being in love, completely and utterly, with Rose's position in the series. She was more than just the Doctor's love, more than just his companion, she was life and power and contained in her the ability to save the world (which she did, both by saving the Doctor as Bad Wolf, and by generally being a bad ass with a giant gun).
           I apologise in advance (though maybe I should have done so with my second 'Bad Wolf' related posted, whoops), but any instance of Bad Wolf that I see will probably be reblogged. That, and references to the Doctor dancing of course. Cause we all know you aren't sick and tired of that yet. :-)