Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A sudden realization

So I've been staring, on and off (cause I'm only sometimes a creeper), at this kid in my journalism class all semester because there was something so damn familiar about him. It was only today, while watching him do his presentation on Guy Talese's "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold" (a fantastic profile and a great show of creative non-fiction/aptly named "new journalism. The way that Talese transitions from one anecdote to another, the way he describes Sinatra's movements, "Then Sinatra moved away from the stool and walked with that slow, arrogant swagger of his toward Ellison, the hard tap of Sinatra's shoes the only sound in the room. Then, looking down at Ellison with a slightly raised eyebrow and a tricky little smile..." are so vivid, so rich and deep, despite never interviewing Sinatra himself. You get to see this almost untouchable character from multiple, each biased in their own way, lenses) that the reason this kid seems so familiar is because he looks like Heath Ledger, circa "10 Things I Hate About You," curly hair, sharp features, colourful button up shirt underneath a blazer and all. He doesn't have the same accent (unfortunately), and there's still a certain soft, uncertainty in the kid that Heath Ledger, if he had it once (not having known him personally, I can't quite confirm) used to his advantage rather than allowing it to affect/infiltrate his demeanour. Still, the resemblance is clear.
          I should figure out what his name is before the semester is over.