Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How I've felt for the past week

Source: fuckyeahvoldemort.wordpress.com
Except for I haven't been sleeping/have had to entertain my parents and go to the College of Arts and Science Baccalaureate and have commencement tomorrow and had to sign a lease today and have to pack and move soon. So no laying in my bed doing nothing for me.
          But, technically graduated! My name got butchered, and our speaker was so incredibly boring (she basically gave a biology lecture and tried to relate that to NYU and networks) but I love the dean's little speech, and our valedictorian was fantastic and J. Sext's speech made him sound like a cross between a druggie and a preacher trying to convert us and I was mostly amused, so it's all good. I really hope Billy's speech tomorrow will be more entertaining. Who knows?