Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So, this is basically how I feel right now: 

for several reasons. First and foremost, the whole actually being graduate from college has begun to sink in nice and steady, and, most surprisingly, it isn't an unpleasant sinking in. True, I might have cheated a little bit due to the fact that I'm just continuing with my Master's, but still...graduating is graduating. Secondly, we've almost completely moved into our new, much spacier and prettier, apartment, while still managing to remain in the city. And thirdly, I'm finished building my bed and putting all the covers on and I've also built my bookshelf and arranged more than half of my books on it. The room itself is being cleared out more and more each day which also makes me happy and makes me realize how much nicer it is. All that's missing is a slight personal touch to the walls/some decor, but it's been less than a week so I'm not worried about that.

Good times, right? I can't wait till we're fully settled in/have the wall built so my lovely Viking has a room of his own. I feel like then, summer will really start. Until that moment, it wont feel real...because that sense that there's still so much to do looms (as opposed to just hangs) over the whole apartment. But this means I should be on more regularly, sharing wonders of the world, by next week. You can admit it, you missed me.

Till then, I leave you with a personal favourite.