Thursday, June 2, 2011

The world is our TARDIS

I love the fact that this quote was applied to just a picture of a car. I realize that it would be a very hippie thing to consider it deep, but I feel like it makes you think more realistically of everything that is Doctor Who and the adventures that occur there. Because, at the bottom of it all, it's the relationships and dynamics and understanding that is developed between not only the Doctor and his companion(s), but the Doctor and other species, humanity and the rest of the world, that matters. It is those things that fundamentally make a difference, the forgiveness and fight to stay alive and to love and grow and prosper in a way that benefits more than just ourselves.
          Yeah, it's been a long day. I didn't mean to pull a semi-philosophical mostly blabbering rant about nothing on you. Especially since if you've watched Doctor Who, you've probably already realized that it's more than just the time travel and aliens, and, honestly, wot I said could be applied to any literature/show/even mildly structured storyline out there. Whoops?