Friday, July 8, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Apparently, while I was raving like a fangirl about NBC's Grimm and it's connection to Buffy (through producer association) I was completely unaware of another faerie tale style show that's being made, but this time by Lost producers and on ABC (naturally). As a former fan of Lost (I fell out of the loop after the third season, and then never found the time to go back...and then discovered Doctor Who), I'm actually excited about this one too...because, well, there's a trailer and it looks really good (in my opinion). Therefore, for you Lost fans out there, I give you: Once Upon a Time

The premise of this particular show seems to be a little different. Instead of being a cop show where the true nature of people start revealing themselves, i.e. they're actually monsters from Grimm's stories, it's more that there are two parallel worlds, one with evil queens and heroes and dragons and magic, and one 'normal' one. Wot people don't seem to realize (except for one little boy, naturally, who has a book) is that the people in reality are actually in the story book too, so anything that happens to them in this book/parallel reality happens to them in the real world as well.

Overall, this fall seems to be a good time for faeries and monsters in television. I wonder wot the new trend in books will be.