Friday, August 12, 2011

Bad Things

As someone who finds the Sookie Stackhouse novels to be an enjoyable read, I'm surprised by the outstanding amount of sex that the series itself manages to tack onto every episode. Now, I'm not saying the novels lack sexual content, but I feel like, for the most part, they aren't over the top or distasteful, whereas HBO seems to try and fit in sex, and if not sex a good amount of gushing blood, in every other scene.

Tone it down a bit, my friends, there's supposed to be plot in between the sex and death too.

Regardless, I really do need to catch up on True Blood. I'm currently a season behind (almost at the end of season 3). So Bill and Sookie are still together (as I like it, despite Eric's sexy Viking qualities), and none of Sookie's specialness has come out just yet (or so I've been told). Let's see how far they diverge from the books themselves. Well, I'll see once I actually get my own computer. I don't think my mother would appreciate True Blood all that much.