Saturday, August 20, 2011

It also travels in time

As someone who absolutely adores Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, anything that even mildly refers to him makes me go "I want that!" especially when the design is borderline subtle. I mean, okay the TARDIS isn't exactly subtle to anyone who knows anything about sci-fi or the world of geekdom, or has eyes, but you get my point.

The point is that seeing this design (available in both sticker and t-shirt form) on redbubble made me quite happy, especially since that's the phrase that made Rose go slow-motion running into the TARDIS. I can just hear Nine's voice in my head saying it, and that little sly smile as he leans against the TARDIS door.

So much love. Thought I'm not sure whether to get the sticker or the shirt, considering that I have to save money to buy presents for my lovely roommates for Eid (the lovely day of celebration after the month of Ramadan).