Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ramadan Musings: Day 3

Would have posted this sooner, but the internet likes hating me so that didn't work out too well.

Thursday August 4th, 2011

1:20am: had the last packet of soup and the last of the mini hotdogs, am sad
1:25am: wondering if going to Spinney's again tomorrow would be too soon
1:26am: decided i don't care if it is too soon, I want some damn Alphabet soup
1:40am: had some mutant giant blackberries, they were delicious. Wondering how many chemicals I've consumed in the last 20 minutes alone
1:50am: wondering if Vampires are muslim, or are on constant Ramadan timings...after all, they don't eat/drink/domuchofanything during daylight hours (the real nonpansy ones at least...unless they're Angel, but his excuse was that he attempted to solve crimes/help the helpless during the day, not glitter like a damn disco ball)
1:55am: realized that could be blasphemy, apologized profusely to God after saying "I didn't mean it, man" to the ceiling

4:19am: thinking it's probably karma that my sister, cousin, and I laughed at our friend Loki's (also a non-muslim who's fasting) predicament at chugging water in the last thirty seconds before choking and spitting it out: found ourselves rushing to drink water as if our lives depended on it as the Athan started outside.
4:49am: found an email from that roommates back in new york have ordered from Philly's Cheesesteaks ( is registered to my email). Resisting urge to view the order. It's not the creeper aspect that bothers me, but the wishing I was there eating the delicious chicken strips. Wonder wot that says about me