Sunday, August 21, 2011

Target Practice

I went to a shooting range for the first time today, and it was absolutely frightening and amazing. I was actually surprised at the number of times I hit the center of the target (about 45% of the time), let alone the fact that I got the bulls-eye twice. True, a few of my shoots went wide, and my hands were shaking like a bitch (that rules out being a surgeon as a career option, dammit! I was looking forward to trying that out), but the point was that I learned that with some practice, and some incentive, I could probably become a fantastic shot. I also learned that I can handle the recoil pretty well, it's just the anticipation of the obnoxiously loud noise that occurs when you fire a gun that will catch me off guard every single time, the pressure increasing exponentially the longer I wait between shots.

One thing I did notice about my aim, was that I tended to shoot slightly above the center rather consistently. Almost as if I've been conditioned to aim for the head *shifty eyes.* Then again, I highly doubt that the zombies will stay put on the 25 meter line, so maybe I'll have better aim with the real thing.

Dear Homeland Security,

I promise to use any sharp shooting skills that I might acquire solely on zombies, once the apocalypse occurs. I just got my visa, don't deport me please.