Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Thoughts: The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

So, The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. This is less of a review, in that you probably won't get much of the plotline, and more of me just discussing some points. If anyone would like the basic plotine added, I can always find the book description and just throw it on here.

It started off a bit slow (though the prologue-like begining drew you in instantly), and it was as if the author wanted to keep it all mysterious what Rory (no, not like our dear Rory the Roman, short for Aurora) had that was special, but didn't realize that her readers would probably get it quite quickly and so slowed the revelation down enough that the action had a hard time blossoming.

Also, despite it being set in London, you can't tell when reading that all the characters,other than our heroine who's Louisianan, are British. I think that's just a personal thing, but for some reasons I could only hear one character's voice in my head as having an English accent, Boo, and she didn't show up till later.

I still have a hundred pages or so left (the book is only 300 and something), and for the most part I am enjoying it (despite my criticisms). I think the whole concept of the book, a possible "otherworldly" Jack the Ripper copycat, is fascinating and the details and knowledge of the previous murders are quite on point and woven in well. Unfortunately, Johnson manages to make it so that, even though there's so much going on (or so much that could be going on), it feels like that action is trying to wade through quicksand. Also, there's an attempt at romance that should have been either worked on or completely eradicated, it felt awkward and not thought out.

So far, my curiosity at how this will develop and my interest in the converging of YA Paranormal fiction with historical details and mystery/thriller has kept me going, but I'm hoping the ending can help redeem the book.