Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do as the Transvestites Do

Before I fall into the black hole of despair that is reading-for-a-paper, I thought I'd post something not-depressing.
And wot's more not-depressing than our favourite Executive Transvestite Comedian?

"You say bay-zil, we say bah-zil. You say erb, we say herb because there's a fucking 'h' in it."

For whoever may be reading that doesn't know, this is an excerpt from his stand up show Dress to Kill and he's talking about the different way Americans vs. Brits pronounce things. As someone who pronounces the 'h' in 'herbs,' I can't help but love this part.

[Note: Me thinks this is not a bad choice for my first gif ever. Unfortunately, it'll give me another reason to not to wot i'm supposed to be doing. Damn it.]

All right, time to work...she says two hours and a half after she's gotten home.