Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spike Love

"And now I'm just a biiig fluffy puppy with bad teeth."
- Spike

He used to be my favourite, before he fell in love with Buffy and got all pansy-like. Nobody likes a Pansy Spike. He was just so entertaining. Angel had me at "don't worry, I don't bite," but Spike was the resident bad boy, and who can resist that?
Clearly I'm still a pre-teen when it comes to attraction to bad boys and the like.

Since we're on the subject of James Marsters being snarky, this is pretty entertaining too (0:20-0:24 is the best part)

Reading about Ancient Egyptians and their concepts of order (Maat) and chaos and creation makes me realize there was a reason I took this class. I might forget this reason while in class and I will probably curse it vehemently over the next few days, but when I can block out the stress of grades and boredom of droning lectures, I appreciate it for the fascinating topic that it is.