Monday, February 28, 2011

Hard Day's Night

I spent three hours today filing away papers according to imprint and ISBN within the imprint, and let me tell you, you feel every second of those hours. It doesn't help that whoever did the filing before me (past intern, perhaps) decided at some point or another to just haphazardly put the papers in not in order. Also, you get a surprisingly large number of paper cuts when working with paper. Who knew?.
          It doesn't matter now, parce que I'm home now and not planning on moving very much. My back is thanking me profusely for that decision. I've also decided that I'm not going to do any work tonight. I might regret that, say, when I realize I could have gotten my lab report done much sooner instead of scrambling to finish it at the last minute, but I'm trying this whole "living in the moment" thing so future happiness be damned.

After watching Friday's episode of Supernatural, I went on twitter to check if what Misha Collins had been tweeting during the episode was on his actual twitter and then realized that he's quite entertaining so now I'm following him! There's something about slightly brooding looking boys with a dry/sarcastic sense of humour that I just adore.

          See? He just amuses me (I didn't printscreen the ones from the episode cause it wouldn't have made sense out of context anyway).

          Oh merde alors, it's so hot in this apartment, and the open windows aren't helping at all. Damn you centralized heating!