Friday, February 25, 2011

One More Thing!

Imagine that being said in Uncle's voice (Jackie Chan Adventures...if you've never heard at least that line, you've been deprived. Yes, I did just pass judgement on your childhood/adulthood/present state.)

I felt like I couldn't leave on a death note (teehee, see wot I did there? /headesk), because I seem to have semi-depressing sentiments every other post. I fear that will give people the wrong impression about me. I'm actually quite happy and peppy. So much so, in fact, that I've started making a rubberband ball at work

See?! I'm whimsical! I'm filled with whimsy! (I dimly recall there being a cartoon/scene of something or other that had a phrase of that sort...but can't quite put my finger on it.)
The whiteout object is there to give a perspective of the size of the ball. It's small now, but soon it will be magnificent! The whiteout object will also help measure the rate of growth of said ball. I'm thinking ahead.

               Preface to the sidebar: I speak Arabic, as well as French and English, and every time I say anything in Arabic one of my lovely mates of the room variety and resident Viking responds with "Did you just Arabic me?"
          Back to Sidebar: Viking asked me if we we're going to see Community tonight, and I responded "Non, Moon est pas ici" without thinking and he said "What?" Naturally, instead of just realizing my mistake and translating it, I said "I think I just Frenched you."

That's one for the books, or the post-it wall (we have a wall that's filled with post-its of actually amusing/you had to be there/wtf? quotes that have been said in The Den of Indulgence (our apartment))]

Another note of fun:
Mouse over text: It's hard to fit in the backseat of my flying car with my own android Realdoll when we're both wearing jetpacks.
I love xkcd. In my opinion one of the best web comics out there. Also, this is just really true...cause I love Angry Birds but dammit I'd love to have that flying car too! I mean, I thought we'd have them by now. All those movies in the 90s lied to me.

          [Sidebar: Dear blogger, "movies" is a fucking word, stop underlining it with a damn red squiggly, okay? Love, Yazya]