Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bright Eyes: The People's Key

Pandora has kindly just informed me through an email that Bright Eyes' "The People's Key" was now available to listen to (I'm almost a month late, I know). Naturally that meant I had to download it (*dodges anger at illegality*), because I've been waiting for them to release a new album since I'm Wide Awake it's Morning/Digital Ash in a Digital Urn were released. It makes me sad that it's apparently their last album. I love Bright Eyes, I love Connor's raspy voice and the synthesizer quality to some songs and the rawness that emerges every once in a while and how happy and yet depressing the lyrics are, how soothing songs can turn into riots.Lover I Don't Have to Love is one of my favourite songs of all time, as emo as some may think it.
          I love the poetry that resonates with each line and how, through it all, regardless of what 'new' style they try out, they always still sound like themselves, there's still the undeniable Bright Eyes quality to it. And, naturally, "The People's Key" is no exception to this stream of wonderfulness. So far, my favourites are "Shell Games" and "Ladder Song," but I've also just gone through the album twice (if I try to go through it again, my room mate might kill me), so maybe other ones will grow on me, or I'll find a flaw in the track list.

For now, I'm just glad I have new Bright Eyes to play on loop.

Doesn't he just look like the perfect, polite indie rocker you could bring home to mothers?