Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So I may or may not have gotten a tumblr account. I couldn't help it, it's so much easier to just reblog pictures instead of copying and pasting. But I have a thing for stream of consciousness type, long form writing so there's no way I'm going to go 'delete!' (or, EXTERMINATE! if you prefer) because then where else will I be able to write so much while systematically saying so little? Tumblr will be mostly used for the ADHD riddled child in me, the one that goes "ooh pretty! Must share now! Oooh more pretty!" and forgets that she's told her friend she'd come out of her room to hang out in one second, until he barges in looking like this
(you have no idea how long I've waited to use this picture)

and starts calling her names one hour later.
          Clearly my blogger self is more mature and dignified and less flaky. *shifty eyes*
Quick! Another gif to distract you while I run away!