Tuesday, March 1, 2011


          So I had the craziest dream during the nap I decided to take earlier this afternoon.
          In the dream I got woken up from my nap by a phone call from my room mate who sounded panicked. She kept just telling me that I had to come upstairs now, and it was time for me to come upstairs, completely ignoring the fact that our apartment was only one floor, so technically I was already upstairs. After I finally stopped arguing and said I would, I sat up and explained to that same room mate (who happened to be in the room, on her futon, napping too) that I got a weird phone call from her. Before she could respond, I noticed that I could see her, again, somehow at a window that we could see through ours. That version was banging against it frantically and looked like she was screaming help, while the one in my room was calmly telling me about her day. Before I could react the window room mate got pulled out of sight by something in the darkness.
          I instantly realized at that point that I was dreaming, but as soon as that realization hit me I couldn't move anymore and I felt the awareness slipping away slowly. It was like something knew that I had become conscious of the fact that nothing around me was real, and was quickly trying to rectify that scenario, trying to keep  me forever unaware. Logically, the moment I felt the pull back to unconsciousness, which felt like a physical pull at my insides, I started to panic and kept trying to hold on the that knowledge with everything I got.
          I failed.
          I 'woke' up again to my other room mate walking into my room with a "good, you're awake" and then into my closet. It was when he started talking about Dead Space that I realized I could also hear him watching t.v. in the living room, and that I could not physically turn to look at the him that was in my closet. Then the closet lights turned off, though he was still inside, and I remembered being pulled back into the vortex of ignorance earlier. The pull that came the second time was an expected one, which made it all the more frightening and made me struggle all the more to not forget what was happening, to not find myself trapped in an endless, infinity loop of ignorance and panicked knowledge until it drove me mad.

I don't think it helped that the same room mates, when I recalled this dream to them, said "what if your'e still dreaming now?"

Thanks a lot guys, that's just wot I needed.