Tuesday, March 1, 2011


          I love the everyday crime drama feel that Torchwood has. I'm a sucker for shows like Castle and Bones or The Mentalist where every episode features them trying to solve a crime, but funnier/more character oriented than Law & Order and CSI (although Horatio Cane holds a very special place in my heart). To me Torchwood is like that, just with the aliens. Which, I supposed is the point at the end of the day.
          I absolutely adore Ianto. After he got over his emo in season one, and started becoming snarky he became my favourite. And, since my love of Captain Hotsauce just transferred from Doctor Who, I can't help but ship Jack/Ianto. Because, as much as I would love to see him and Gwen get together (they have fantastic chemistry), she has Reese. Ianto has no one.

Okay, so this might be one of those things where I'm just really really slow on the uptake. But a friend recently mentioned how Torchwood = Doctor Who rearranged, and it blew my mind. I actually had to stop and mentally move the letters around (just like Tom Riddle did in the Chamber of Secrets) to see it, and then did it twice more to triple check. Isn't that just fantastically clever?

No? Just me? All right then.
*whistles and backs away slowly*

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