Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

So my Moon just brought home Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and it is absolutely FANTASTIC.
I've only been playing for five minutes and I already have favourite characters: Wesker, Dante, Ryu and Phoenix. Deadpool is just hilarious, and Chris has like an arsenal of weaponry that he pools out of thin air and there are lickers in the background if you play in the Tricell facility level and it's just an amazing game.
          I'm still at the button-mashing stage of playing, with the exception of some special moves (Hadouken and the Shoryuken being two of them, because they're exactly the same as old school arcade days where you twisted the joystick up and around and pressed any attack button) but I'll get to normal levels soonly.

          Speaking of Dante, I recently read that they're making Devil May Cry into a movie which worries me a little, but we'll just have to hope they semi-learned from Resident Evil and at least try to  follow the characters and storyline. I mean, I think part of the problem with the RE movie series is that they did really well in theaters despite kinda sucking/not following plot (and, I will admit, I did go watch them). For entertainment purposes they were a lot of fun to go watch but nothing quality, especially considering how great the plot lines of the games are.
Finding that out was bad enough, but then I learned that for the new DMC game, they've changed Dante's look. Now he looks like some emo late-teens boy who spends his time listening to My Chemical Romance and playing guitar in a dark corner while smoking a cigarette and sulking down the street (no offence to My Chemical Romance, who I actually adore). He just doesn't look as badass as the original Dante and it's upsetting. They had no reason to change his whole look so dramatically.
See wot I mean? So much less badass...also kinda emaciated. Le sigh.