Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Midday Salute

Got my paper on The Concept of Maat back today. Apparently it was an interesting and easy read, and I just need to have more of my own analysis/opinions in there because I'm 'the most important author' in the teacher's opinion. He was also extremely pleased that I pointed out/was aware that chaos wasn't a completely bad thing in the eyes of the Egyptians. I'm going to go ahead and assume that past student/maybe some current students who skimmed the readings automatically assumed that chaos was bad and therefore pained my Sean Connery-esque Egyptologist teacher's heart.
          The topics for the next paper seem a lot more intesrting overall, more focus on the 'religion' part of Ancient Egyptian Religion, a lot about the afterlife/underworld which is exciting. I hope the readings aren't dry and overly academic. I'm sure those Ancient Egyptians are rolling around in their graves at the mere thought of their religion being portrayed in a boring manner. I mean, I would be.

Overall, walking out of yesterday's midterm, and getting my paper back today has made me feel quite like: