Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things I learned in Ancient Egyptian Religion class today

  • Egyptians thought death was a survivable condition
  • I'm not hte only one who signs in my friends when they're not in
  • they guy that was sitting in my row is a creeper, after signing he he randomly leaned across three desks to ask the girl sitting between us wot perfume she was wearing, and then got up and left (never to be seen again). Where did he go? Did he love the perfume so much that he had to go buy it right then and there?
  • no one cares/pays attention to wot others around them are doing
  • chaos has an upside, it's regenerative as well
  • there's a joke among Egyptologists that the ancient Egyptians actually spoke German
  • my teacher learned German in high school and college
  • there's a field of the blessed and field of offerings in the underworld, among other field-like places, where you lived nicely
  • "the underworld is a nice place to visit but you don't want to stay there"
  • the Book of the Dead is like a a guide book, it tells you a lot of the things that you might encounter, but not those things aren't necessarily what you have to do
  • the number 3 is associated with infinity or multitude back then
  • there was afterlife procreation. To prevent the 'evil' or 'bad' from procreating in the after life, they would cut off the penises (penisi?) of their enemies. Also those who have not kept maat in life are depicted as having no genitalia
  • there were two types of eternity Neheh (eternal change, like the constant moving of the sun around the ordered world) and Djet (eternal sameness, like the underworld where Osiris chills)