Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sorry Gunners

Oh well boys, it was worth a try.
          Would things have turned out differently if Van Persie did not get that second yellow and get himself sent off? I don't know, probably not considering that Barcelona played better overall. I love my Gunners, I do, and I know Barca played better, but Arsenal put up one hell of a fight (literally too, from the fouls committed). I only hope Real man up a bit and do the same when it's their turn. Both in La Liga and (inshallah = if God wills it) the Champions League match
          The post-match commentators I'm watching right now are fantastic. "If Fabregas has tried that back heel 2 minutes before half time, I would have taken him to the changing room and knocked him out!" On Almunia having to be switched in: "he's still not a goal keeper" and "Bendtner's not a player."
          I don't think that Fabregas did it on purpose though. I mean, at least I hope he has more class than that.

Dear Cesc Fabregas,
          You're captain right now, you're the young, usually fantastic captain of an amazing club that's three points away from being at the top of one of the greatest football leagues in the world, why would you give that up? Barcelona are the best, or near the best (I feel like I'm speaking blasphemy, considering my status as a Madridista), no one is denying that, and the team is filled with your friends from home, your best friend since you were a kid (Gerard Pique) and a fantastic (and always sharply dressed) coach. But these friends of yours are also fantastic players, which means that you will not get the same playing time/exposure. Stick where you are and you'll rise to your full potential.

     With great love,

P.S. My sister would like to marry you, if possible. If not, can you get me in touch with Casillas? Tell him I love him. Kthxbye.

          Fcbarcelona.com tells me (well, not me personally, but the information is available) that The Team of the Year chosen by uefa.com is: Iker Casillas (YES!); Maicon; Gerard Pique, Carles Puyol (Captain Caveman! ), Ashley Cole, Cristian Ronaldo (/headdesk), Xavi Hernandez, Wesley Sneijder (absolutely adore him), Andres Iniesta (ditto), Lionel Messi (are we even surprised?) and David Villa.
Manager: Jose Mourinho (ew, really?)

          I have my issues with Mourinho, coach of my babies or not. He's rude and arrogant and seems to have no on-field etiquette. Also, he talked big with Inter after winning the Champions League last year, kept talking big about how with him at the head of Real they we're going to win everything all the time, and now, after one season of bad decisions and near-wins and embarrassments, he's trying to run back to the Premier League. Be a man, ride it out, keep trying to make it better. For instance, wotever you're doing currently that's not working: Stop doing it! Clearly your strategies and game plans need some revision. Instead of spending so much time gloating about how awesome of a coach you are and how you can instantly make any team in the world a champion, how about you actually take the time to do just that. Now, be a good coach and whip that team into shape. I can't have any more bombardment of gloating from loved ones after the next Clasico.
     On a lighter note, Dani Alves has become my new favourite. We all know he could have gone for that shot himself, but he tried to let Messi have a hat trick, and that was a brilliant show of being a team player. It was also extremely adorable.