Monday, March 7, 2011

Things I learned in Ancient Egyptian Religion class today

  • the way the Egyptians portrayed their Gods (some with animal heads) wasn’t actually how they thought the Gods looked, no one knew what the Gods actually looked like, their multiple representations were a way of making the ineffable more tangible to your average guy
  • Egyptians did not differentiate between art and writing, to them it was one and the same
  • people would pick a God whom they felt the closest too
  • it doesn't matter whether you teacher looks/sounds like a celebrity, the novelty will wear off if they give a boring lecture consistently
  • the internet love everyone but me
  • I become extremely internally snarky when you combine lack of sleep, lack of caffeine, and lack of entertainment
  • there was an actual Scorpian King
  • I can’t spell ‘scorpion’
  • Hollywood has brainwashed me (every time the Pharaoh ‘Amenhotep’ is mentioned, I can only think of Imhotep played by Arnold Vosloo in the Mummy movies)
  • the Civilization games have also brainwashed me (the mention of Hatshepsut causes me think of the different ways I can expand and take over the world, through cultural expansion and sheer awesomeness….the Egyptians had the fastest workers in Civ IV, if I remember correctly, or was that the Indians? Gandhi was fun to play with too…or I’d represent my own people and go with Salah Aldeen. It’s been a while since I've played that)