Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Wild Blogger Appeared!

She uses "useless rambling!"

So, I might actually be in love with the new Pokémon game. I know I hated on it not long ago, but it's just so much fun to play and the Pokémon you get are amazing and fun, and then you can also catch pokémon from the previous generations (my lovely friend who beat the game already me gave me a Togepi). I've also found out that nicknaming Pokémon after favourite characters from Doctor Who and Harry Potter and Buffy who remind me of them is a lot of fun.
          In my party I have a Dr. Whobat (a Swoobat), McGonagall (Liepard), Bambi (Deerling), Abu (Pansear), Teninch (Dewott....after David Tennant's wonderful nickname), Asfaloth (Zebstrika). That clearly does not include the other Pokémon I've captured, but they're my favourites so far. I mean, I've only beaten the fifth gym leader but still, I've grown fond of my party, we're like a family.

I've got to stop. Spring break was fantastic (thank you crew at Norwegian Jewel, Silas, if you ever see this, I love you and you're amazing).

I GOT TO GO TO HARRY POTTER WORLD! Touring of Hogwarts because the line was horrendous and we had to make it back to the dock before the ship sailed away without us (although, I probably would not have minded living at Hogwarts for a little bit) but Butterbeer is absolutely delicious and Honeydukes and Zonkos were great and I got myself a wand and I realize that I'm rambling and I sound like I'm five but there was also a comic book store that I could not tear myself away from and the Spiderman ride was also so cool. I've decided to actually try and get Uncanny X-Men #266 likes I've been meaning to for the past 3 years,because Gambit has always been my favourite and it's about time I got the edition with his first full appearance.

          It was a great get away and extremely relaxing (though the Mount Everest sized knots in my shoulders would make people believe otherwise) but I'm glad to be back home.

Going back to school tomorrow is a different story.

 It's very effective!