Friday, April 22, 2011

Brief apology/Ramos fails

I know I didn't post any lovely Doctor Who stuff yesterday, and was sorely lacking in the whole posting department, and I apologize profusely for that. Unfortunately, I cannot remedy that situation right now (i.e. I cannot post 8 million things in a row to make up for my lapse yesterday) because I have an internship to not be late for, and a Game of Thrones book to start reading (jumping on that bandwagon late, but if it redeems me in any way at all, I have made a deal with myself to not watch the show until I've finished reading it...well, not watch the episodes that correspond to each section I'm reading until I've read that make sense if you're in my head/have friends who have both watched the first episode and have read the book and can bookmark where you can stop). I do promise to return later tonight with plenty of Whovian love.
          To tide you over, I hope you accept this video of Sergio Ramos (i.e. Spaniard and Real Madrid right back) being a total fool and dropping the cup that Real had just won. You know, because not winning the Copa del Rey in 18 years wasn't bad enough, you have to go ahead and drop the thing from the top of your moving bus and let it get partially crushed. Good job Ramos, way to give the rest of the Spanish clubs a reason to laugh at us.

          I'll say one thing though, it's rather entertaining to watch, especially since it seems like it's falling in slow motion (perfect for a Michael Bay movie, especially if the minute the bus runs over it, everything exploded). I'm just wondering why it took about 20 people to retrieve the cup, why it took so long for the bus driver to stop driving...I'm pretty sure the giant thing fell right in front of him, and so unless he was looking anywhere but straight ahead, he should have stopped immediately. Otherwise, maybe they should find another bus driver keeps his eye on the road. Oh yes, they should also probably leave the cup carrying to Casillas, or Pepe, or maybe Kheidra (he's scary looking, the cup wouldn't dare leave his hands and try to commit suicide lest he bring it back to life simply to crush it with his own hands).
          On the bright side, at least this did not happen during their tour of Madrid with the world cup. Cause that would have been unforgivable.