Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Copa del Rey: some pre-game fun

My future husband sent me a link to this Adidas commercial, and it just made me so happy. I can't help it, I get sentimental when I see cutesy, friendly rivalry things like this that makes me believe (albeit probably naively) that despite the epic, centuries decades old battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid, that the players are actually friends with each other and/or (at the very least) that they don't hate each other. I'm slightly positive that most of the Spaniards on each team don't hate each other (considering that they end up playing for the same National Team, and they seem to show love during those matches), but even the foreigners.
          This especially made me happy considering that he's a Barça fan and I'm a Real fan. We make our love work by allocating times that we are allowed to hate on the other person and times where our love overcomes all. For example, during the Clásico games we basically can't stand each other/throw insults at the other person and their team. After the match, the person whose team has won gets an hour to gloat and put the other person down, and then it's back to normal love and affection.
          Usually, that only happens about two or three times a year (two league matches and occasional Champions league and/or Copa del Rey face-offs), but this year, because the Fates are cruel, there are a total of five Clásico matches. Two have already occurred (both Liga matches, the first which we lost, an incredibly shameful 0 to their 5), one which will happen in an hour or so (3:30 pm EST hence the video ad/tribute/reference) and then two more for the Champions League semi-finals, one next week and the last the week after.

Heart attack waiting to happen indeed.