Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Doctor's Daughter....wife...

I liked her. I wonder if she'll show up again in the Series, it would be interesting to see how she reacts to Eleven, considering that technically Ten was her father (or would Eleven, through osmosis (my not-so-clever-way of saying 'regeneration'), also be considered her father?).

Dear Steven Moffat,
          Thoughts on this conundrum? Though I'm aware it might not actually be a conundrum, it might just be some idle fantasy/speculation coming from the way-too-often wandering mind and fanfic I'm just curious as to where she is now and how it would work with the regeneration thing and....yeah. I'll stop now. Just ignore me and keep up with the amazing work that you've been coming up with.

     Love and respect and forever in your debt for getting me into this amazing show and reminding me why fantasy and sci-fi attracted me as a child in the first place,

          So I was writing the title after I finished writing this post and remembered that she's actually engaged to David Tennant and there was a moment of 'wooooah, weird' that happened to me as I stared at the dots that started appearing after I wrote 'daughter.' Just thought I should share.