Saturday, April 16, 2011

Never fear, Saint Iker is here

I will acquiesce to a tie. I mean, it could have been worse...we could have lost 5-0. Oh wait, already done that!
          I just need to remember that there was a reason, once, that I loved this team, despite their apparent lack of qualms when it comes to causing other teams bodily harm and their ignorance as to wot the defence is meant to do (I'll give you a hint, it's not go 'oh shit!' and scramble towards the goal at the last minute, while the other team barrels towards it with the ball and victory on their minds). I can't for the life of me remember wot this reason was/is, other than my devotion to Captain Saint Iker and a nostalgic memory of Zizou and Becky and Fatty (the real Ronaldo, the original number 9) and Ronaldinho being brilliant. Nevertheless, there's a loyalty that resides within me, and despite the fact that I humbly respect Barcelona, for the sheer beauty of their style if nothing else, I am a Madridista through and through, and will continue to be one whether facing devastating defeats or blood pressure raising ties or glorious, triumphant wins.
          That's either amazing dedication on my part, or sheer stupidity. I'll let you know in 17 days. As my future husband so truthfully put it: el clasico matches are heart attacks waiting to I might not be alive to tell you how I feel about my team after the 4th face off.
And he makes everything better San Iker