Saturday, April 2, 2011

Props to Britney

So, Britney Spears has sufficiently impressed me with her song/video Hold it Against Me (except for the line "you feel like paradise/I need a vacation" that was just stupid" and redeemed herself in my eyes. From now on, or until further notice, whichever comes first, I vow to not use Britney Spears as an example of the many things that are wrong with the world today. I'm going to -->

It's the part that's in the middle, the break down if you will, that's my favourite...the rest of the song/video isn't bad, but something about that middle/end part just stunned me. I think it's mostly because I wasn't expecting it, and it was a nice transition/segment to be surprised into.

So props to you, Britney Spears.