Saturday, April 23, 2011

Silence Will Fall

The show airs today...I'm already freaking out/planning on avoiding all social media (save Facebook, the only people I know who watch this show and are on facebook live with me, and they don't have BBC America either so no chance of Spoilers there) until I can watch or download the show. But still, I cant believe someone will die. We all know it can't be River Song, because of that thing that happened with Ten (if you haven't seen at least the new series, there's something wrong with you) and it can't be the Doctor...well because he's the Doctor (and we all know regenerations occur at the end of seasons) so it's between Amy and Rory. And right now, my gut thinks that Rory is holding the short stick. Who knows though, Moffat is no stranger to springing surprises on his viewers so anything can happen.