Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Underworld successfully traversed

I'm finally done with that Essay that I should have started writing yesterday but actually only started at around 2-3pm today! I'm so proud of myself...I managed to not include any of my stupid, self-depracating nonsequitor thoughts that were littered among actual important things in my outline, and streamline it a bit so that I wasn't trying to talk about the plethora of options and obstacles that the Egyptians said they would face in the afterlife. I think it ended up not bad, but then again, I have yet to reread it and I have this tendency to suddenly develop ADHD when it comes to writing papers. That means that I can't just write it from introduction to conclusion, and instead jump from one section to another.
          The point is, I'm done! I could kiss someone. Or, I could do this, which is so much more satisfying.
Source: lockwell.tumblr.com