Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Doctor's Wife?

Wait...wot?! That's not RIVER! Listen, I understood that I had to give up Rose to Human!Doctor, and that River and the Doctor had a thing. I made a 'falling in love' exception for River, because I liked her and she was intriguing and sassy (apparently, that's not a real word) and clearly had love and respect for the Doctor, clearly knew him. But who on earth is this woman? I'm glad Eleven has the decency to also look surprised.
          Mr. Gaiman, I have deep respect and adoration for your writing and creativity. Good Omens (yes, I know it was co-written with Terry Pratchett (who is also fantastic), but still) remains one of my favourite books, so you better have a good reason/an explanation for all this on next Saturday.