Monday, May 9, 2011

Motivation meter: empty

This is literally where I am at right now with the last paper I'm ever going to have to write for my undergraduate career. One week and a day from today and I'll be getting my diploma. All that stands in between me and that day (other than, naturally, the whole 'time' thing) is this last paper for Ancient Egyptian Religion. That's all, one last paper (and some stupid, useless shite for getting a 'p' for internship credit, but that requires a lot of winging it and a boring summary of wot I've been doing there so it doesn't count, it would take physical effort to not get a passing grade for that) and it'll be over, and yet for some reason, though I've had all this free time to start it, the mere thought of sitting down and getting it done is so unpleasant that I'm incapable of putting myself in that situation.
          Also, I'm a masochist, so there will  be nothing more pleasant than the stress and anxiety and sleeplessness that will undoubtedly accompany leaving this paper till the last minute.