Saturday, June 11, 2011

Super Wedding

Can we talk about how awesome this photo is? I want my wedding to be something along those lines, except my husband is going to be wearing the Batman shirt. Or ooh, X-Men theme and he can be Gambit? Would that be too much?
          I found this picture on Taste of Awesome, but I just had to search the blog and find the original, and I'm glad I did because it looks better without that black border that made it small and not clear. Naturally, though, I ended up going through several of their posts because the photos are beautiful, to say the least. So if you guys like photography/have time/like looking at pretty things, you should definitely check out Hoffer photography (the blog, more specifically, though I haven't checked out the rest of it so I have no idea wot it's like...thought I don't doubt it's great).