Saturday, June 11, 2011

David Tennant's face of the day

Literally the two emotions, more or less, I was experiencing last night while hanging out with a few high school friends I haven't seen in a while. Only the top one was sandwiched between two bottom ones. You know when the night is going well and then that one person that knows where it hurts just says something that makes you think "hey...that's not nice"? I had one of those moments with my former paramour (I just like that word) and an underhanded, basically stage whispered (come on now, he tried to whisper it to the whole damn table, I doubt subtly was key here) comment along the lines of "I've done worse."
          Now, both the narcissistic person and the non-narcissistic person in me would like to think that maybe he meant someone else, for completely different reasons. But, honestly, it was more or less expected.
Someone needs to remind me that this blog is a happy, judgement free space filled with all things Who and Potter and other non dramatic random useless things and not a Xanga. I'll try to keep the out pour of frustration and emotions to a bare minimum.