Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dreams of Mutants

I had a dream where I was playing cards with Remy LeBeau (or Gambit if you prefer), and I realized quite quickly that he was cheating. Unfortunately, it's hard to argue with someone who can manipulate kinetic energy, throw cards like a beast, and is inhumanly charming, so I kicked his ass the old fashioned way, by being fantastic at wotever game we happened to be playing (it was either poker, or Go Fish, same difference). Also, it helped that Rambo showed up, and since we all know me and Rambo are bffls, my lovely Cajun mutant decided to play it straight.

Not a very action packed dream, true, but that was actually preferably in my opinion, considering I tend to wake up more tired than I went to sleep these days. So sitting around playing cards with my favourite X-Men was not a bad deal.

I seem to be having a lot of dreams with Rambo these days, though I'm not quite certain why. I haven't seen those movies in at least a million years and it's not like I have any deep affection for Stallone. Though, I suppose, it's a nice change from Doctor Who. Not that I mind that it has taken over every corner of my conscious thought, it's just nice to know that when I'm unconscious, I am capable of expanding my mind beyond a fictional sci-fi show, as fantastic as it may be.