Thursday, August 4, 2011

Batman and Doctor Who, if only

This should be real. I'm saying this because Batman has always been my favourite superhero, and right now the Doctor is one of my favourite [insert any noun that pertains to him]. It's like having a movie with both the Doctor and Harry Potter. That level of awesomeness, in my humble opinion, in comic book form would explode into a flurry of fascinating storylines of parallel universes where the Doctor joins the main characters on some epic adventure or another and helps them save the world.

I mean, Marvel and DC are up to their ears in parallel universes where the dead aren't actually dead, so why not join forces with BBC/Steven Moffat/Russel T. Davies and make all nerd boys and girls alike die from excitement. I can just picture the bonds of friendship forged at comic-cons across the universe as people dressed like Gambit approach someone dressed like the Tenth Doctor and discuss the latest adventure their respective characters had in the latest Uncanny X-Men.

I feel like their should be a petition of some sort to make this happen. Don't they always have petitions for the cult like fan needs? Or is that just for things that Joss Whedon creates that the network decides isn't popular enough?

[Passive aggressive? Who, me?]