Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Cats and Whovianism

I wish I could have conversations with my cat about Doctor Who.

Come to think of it, I'd most likely be very impressed if my cat started talking about anything, let alone Doctor Who. But that would be extra special. Unless he says something along the lines of "Fucking aye! Again? Didn't you watch that episode a week ago? WATCH SOMETHING NEW WOMAN."

Speaking of cats and Doctor Who, my aunt has recently rescued a cute little kitten from the outside world (which I might have mentione), who has been bathed, fed and given an abundance of love (via moi and my face/body which has apparently turned into a scratching post-chew toy-day bed combination).

"How is that relevant?" I hear you ask (albeit silently). Well my sister and I have decided to name him the Doctor...Doctor for short. I like to believe that since the Doctor can regenerate, why not into an animal? The Tenth Doctor seemed to have a fondness for kittens, before the whole New New York growing of humans incident at least.

Also, think of it! A cat has nine lives, so logically (stay with me here) if the Doctor's final regeneration is into a cat, he can have nine extra lives! It's like getting a 1up in Mario, except it's not Mario and it's a 9up.

It makes sense in my head, which is now thinking "quick, distract them with a cute picture!" Good thinking, self.
He's holding a Sonic Screwdriver, it's just invisible.