Friday, August 26, 2011



Or, should I say, Peek-a-weeping angel!

I might or might not be obsessed with the loldwell website at this particular moment. That and The Biggest Loser (I think they're showing reruns of Season 5), America's Got Talent (Season 5 as well...I think *shifty eyes*), and Friends (Does it even matter which season? They're all fantastic, even the one where Matthew Perry is emaciated/clearly on drugs).

Every year during Ramadan I tend to find a show (or three) that I get invested in. Last year it was CSI: Miami because I just couldn't resist Horatio and his sunglasses and wonderful one liners. This year I kind of accidentally stumbled upon America's Got Talent and fell in love with Howie and Sharon (and amused by Piers). The Biggest Loser just happens to be right before, and I kept having to watch the end in order to not miss who got voted through. Clearly, once I realized there was also unnecessary build up and tension in The Biggest Loser, I had to continue watching it.